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"John Carver has given board effectiveness a unifying

vision, a logical and coherent base - an    integrated theory of governance.” – Sir Adrian Cadbury


            “a fully integrated and coherent system of governance… as near a universal theory of governance as we at present have” – Sir Adrian Cadbury


           “The most comprehensive and logicaldefinition of the difference betweendirection and management is to be found inthe works of Dr John Carver.”– Sir Adrian Cadbury


            “a clear, convincing and comprehensive framework for corporate governance” – Robert A.G. Monks

“probably the single best manual for directorial functioning in an Anglo-American context is the work of John Carver” – Robert A.G. Monks


            “an unparalleled contribution to this essential subject” - Judith Hanratty, formerly company secretary, BP


            “…John Carver[‘s]……..model of ‘policy governance’ is admirably clear” – Professor Paul Stanton, formerly head of board development, National Clinical Governance Support Team


John Carver’s book Boards That Make a Difference offers the most relevant and sensible advice [to NHS boards] focussed on the public/not for profit sector, and is widely respected.” – Council for Healthcare Regulatory Excellence


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